Ellie Kealey

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Ellie Kealey is a freelance photographer and videographer currently based in Beirut, Lebanon but travels internationally for assignments.

As a woman Ellie believes she has a unique advantage in capturing and documenting other women, in gaining their trust and working closely with her subjects when they are often in vulnerable and sometimes dangerous situations.

Ellie was first in Afghanistan in 2009 and over the last 6 years she has documented everything from midwifery to music festivals. Some of Ellie’s most recent assignments have included working with female empowerment programmes in Tunisia, Morocco and Palestine; photographing children and families with disabilities in Kyrgyzstan and Tajikistan; documenting Syrian refugees in the Bekaa valley, Lebanon and working once again in Afghanistan on the on-going documentary ‘Afghan Cylces.’

Ellie’s indomitable nature is clearly apparent in the dynamics of her pictures and film work and the access she gains to areas off limits to male photographers/filmakers opens the viewer’s eyes to a world seldom seen. Ellie enjoys focusing on real life stories of people living in challenging environments.

Clients include; UNODC, UN Habitat, Oxfam, AJ+, Guardian Newspaper, MEDAIR, HealthProm, ARETE Stories, The Times London, CBS, GIZ, Financial News London, UK Adidas, Nokia, T-Mobile, Barclays Bank, Reuters, CRS, Turquoise Mountain Foundation, Roshan Telecom.